What is Innovation.gov?

Innovating in the public sector requires a new kind of mission-oriented thinking and perspective. We’re a website built by government innovators to build awareness and spread the use of innovative practices and methods within government. Innovation.gov exists for innovators to spur culture change in government, centered on problem-solving: discover and understand the right problem before solutions, and ensure we solve the problems right, unblocking barriers to innovation.

This open source project supports dozens of agencies spanning thousands of government employees, and is supported by more than 120 active contributors both in and out of government. Innovation.gov + The Better Government Movement is built and maintained by the U.S. General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service. Meet the team behind this project here.

As an agile project, Innovation.gov is constantly improving. We periodically ask our users to participate in research interviews and survey where they share their needs and ideas on the platform. It will continue to grow based on the feedback that we receive from users and the data that we collect on usage of the site. We’re interested in hearing your feedback and seeing how we can help you and your team here.

Wherever you are in your journey, Innovation.gov is here to help.