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Calendar of Events

Event Name Description Location Date/Time
Better Government Movement Competition Application are OPEN Applications now open for the Better Government Ambassadors Design Competition: a three-month problem-solving competition that both educates and engages. Learn more and apply here (hyperlink to App) Everywhere 1/16/18 - TBD Close
BGM Competitions Ask Me Anything (AMA) Information Session nterested in applying for the Competition but have questions? Join our AMA with Amy Wilson and Joey Arora - leads of the Competition - to get your questions answered and learn more. Register here (hyperlink) Virtual 1/23/16
Community of Practice Design Session New Year. Continued growth. We are still building out the BGM Community of Practice and want your input. The first design session of the year will focus on developing a sustainable, community-driven model for the Community of Practice. Everywhere TBD - Late January
Better Government Movement Orientation Want to get involved? The first step is to attend a Better Government Orientation. A 30-minute session, Orientation will cover the history of the Better Government Movement and cover in-depth opportunities to engage and participate in one of the movement’s working groups. Everywhere TBD - Late January

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Community of Practice

Play, explore, experiment, curiosity, creativity, courage, wonder. We may not immediately associate these words with government work. But what if we did? What if we inspired and educated managers, teams, or federal agencies to lead for creativity and design cultures that support innovation? How might we collaborate to inspire others to unleash their creativity, solve grand problems, and drive innovative results across the government? How might we connect business brains with human hearts?

The Better Government Community of Practice is committed to exploring these questions and bringing passionate people together to build, learn, and share innovative stories, mindsets, and creative techniques concerning the public sector. We seek to create a more rewarding experience for government employees that leads to a more responsive, efficient, and effective government. This starts with developing the leaders, space, and culture to bring people together to solve real problems. Together, let’s build something meaningful. Something inspiring. Something innovative. A Better Government.

Apply below to join our Community of Practice.

Innovation Ambassadors

Better Government Ambassadors

Better Government Ambassadors are the influencers, enablers, and leaders who help others innovate their way through government, designing solutions that solve problems and transform government offices, programs and project. Through one of seven Better Government Ambassador specialties, we help people and teams tackle mission issues; providing both broad and targeted services that promote talent development and cultural and strategic transformation.

Which Better Government Ambassador specialty describes you?
  • Public Speaker
  • In-house Advisor
  • Mentor
  • Trainer
  • Coach
  • Facilitator
  • Lead on Loan

Apply below to join our Better Government Ambassadors cohort.