Diversity of backgrounds and thought makes for better overall experience, products and services. To build a culture of collaboration look outside of your team or organization’s silo to deliver your mission, and include them in your process to co-create the future. Also, celebrate the successes as well as the failures.

Questions to Ask

  • What are the rules with regards to engaging non-feds in public policy, program and service design?
  • Whose feedback are you soliciting in evaluating the efficacy of your work?
  • Are you speaking to your leadership? Staff? The “consumer”?
  • Is your work producing results for the public, or does it simply look good “on paper?”
  • Are you soliciting feedback from a diverse group of individuals? In terms of stature, age, race, ethnicity, religion, and other factors? Differences in perception are critical to identifying areas for improvement.
  • How do I manage the conflict that comes with diversity?
  • Are you including a diverse group of individuals in the brainstorming and solution processes?
  • Who is evaluating your work or product?
  • How can you learn from external partners?


  • Open lines of communication between staff and leadership.
  • Contact GSA innovators!
  • Open lines of communication with the public.
  • Solicit, consider, and implement the feedback and solutions offered by your stakeholders. Move beyond mass emails. Set up telephone conversations and, wherever possible, in-person interviews.
  • Include stakeholders in all stages of innovation, from the evaluation of your services to evaluation of the solutions.
  • Consider the successes of external partners and ask your stakeholders how your agency can replicate those successes.