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Better Government Case Studies provide real-world examples of innovation in the government.

Innovation in Action

We believe in the power of storytelling to show what is possible with innovative practices, the challenges that change agents face, and the mindset and attitude shifts that accompany culture change.

While we only have three featured innovation labs in this section, we hope to create many more case studies of labs, teams, programs, products, and people who are innovating across the public sector to build a better government. Stay tuned for more case studies and stories.

Better Government Case Studies

Explore real-world stories of where innovation is happening and working in the government.


Defense Advanced Research and Project Agency (DARPA)

DARPA has continuously innovated technologies that have “changed the world”.

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USAID Global Development Lab

U.S. Agency for International Development's Global Development Lab

USAID’s plans to meet 21st century challenges for international development.

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Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Idea Lab

HHS' IDEA Lab is creating a space to play, ideate, and experiment to improve the health of all Americans.

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Share Your Case Study or Story

Have your own story to tell? Have a case study you'd like to write on your great work? We are continuously collecting stories of innovation to share across the Better Government Movement. Share yours using the link below.

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